• Ati Biotech
  • Blue Sky Swisse
  • Equilibrium Life Science
  • Igea Research

Following the merger of IGEA Pharma N.V. and Blue Sky Natural Resources Ltd. in 2021 (for further information, please consult our Press Releases section) our group of company currently includes:

  • Ati Biotech (Italy), an innovative start-up operating in the field of research and production of microalgae and, in perspective, the production of biomaterials extracted from microalgae.
  • Blue Sky Swisse (Switzerland), the company that will carry out the industrial processing activities for CBD, terpenes, policosanol and other vegetable matrices’ extraction, as well as the market launch of the offered solutions.
  • Equilibrium Life Science (Switzerland), the new name of our functional food brand Equilibrium Food, a company whose mission is to guarantee to its consumers products with the highest nutritional value, maximum transparency, and traceability of the food supply chain.
  • Igea Research (United States), a company that has developed and patented an easy and reliable test by which Non Cp-Copper, considered to be one of the main risk factors for Alzheimer’s disease, can be measured and is now available as the ALZ-1 Test.